A contemporary winery built on storied lands.

Tabernacle Winery is a privately owned boutique winery dedicated to crafting world-class wines. Our family’s deep connection to the Holy Land drives us to produce wines lush in texture and full of respect for the beautiful terrain that surrounds.

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“We are in no hurry when
it comes to our wines.”

– Ari Tannenbaum

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Wines blessed by a higher source

Tabernacle Winery is proud to operate under the banner of Mitzvat Shmitah, an ancient pact between the Jewish people and G-d.

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“When making wines, we aspire to
showcase the expression of the
grapes in their original state”

-Ari Tannenbaum, Winemaker

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Nestled in a
sun-soaked valley.

Sprawling vineyards nestle in the rolling hills. Vines are studded with luscious grapes, sweetened by a brilliant Mediterranean sun. Welcome to Moshav Tzuriel.

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